Our Culture

As an equal opportunity employer (EOE), our dedicated staff of over 2,100 employees and independent contractors are knowledgeable and qualified, with extensive experience helping children, youth, and adults reach their goals in service of our mission: to support community development by exploring possibilities, mobilizing resources, and championing dreams.

We recognize that none of this is possible without championing equal opportunities for everyone — regardless of race, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, identity, mental, emotional, or physical ability. We pride ourselves on creating inclusive environments as much as we advocate for inclusive settings.

Empowering people requires a dedication to personal and professional growth —which is fundamental to our core. Daily, our commitment to our community is to create a warm, uplifting, and family-oriented culture for everyone. That's because we know what engaging with individuals of all abilities means and ensure that the people we support thrive and live enriched lives.

If this sounds like you, join our team of employees, making dreams possible for more than 12,500 people we support throughout Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware.

  • Our mission is driven by our WHY

  • We operate with PRIDE (positive approaches, reaching higher, inclusion, discovery, and excellence)

  • We believe that everyone can be a leader at every level